Several safe payment methods you can trust!

Several safe payment methods you can trust!

Returns & replacements, open purchase & change

Here you will find all the information about our terms and conditions regarding how you can undo your purchase, how you can complain about a wrong item and how it can be sent back to us.

We always aim to ensure that your total experience is the very best when you shop with us. Please review our terms and conditions below, so you know our opportunities we offer.

Primarily, we follow the EU directive of consumer rights. Please see link:

Below is details regarding our conduct in this matter:

Returns & Replacements

When you, as a private individual, shop in the webshop, 14 days of right of return is always applied according to the Distance and home sales Act of Sweden.

The 14 days are counted from the day you have received a product that you have ordered, or may be considered to have received the goods.

For the right of return to be valid, Define Me Scandinavia AB must be notified within the specified time.

You tell us that you want to return a product by sending a writeen message to us, by using the template on this page:—withdrawal-from-the-contract/

If you want to submit the form by e-mail, scan it and send it to

If you want to submit the form by regular mail, you can address it to:

Define Me Scandinavia AB
Smedjegatan 9
392 39 Kalmar, Sweden

In connection with submitting the form, you also need to let us know how you wish we refund you for your purchase. The easiest way is to make the refund with the same payment method you paid for the item.

The product must be in sellable condition with undamaged packaging when we receive it from you. Read more below under Chapter Returns on how to return your article to us.

The returns does not apply to our underwear. You can not use the right of returns for products where the sealing has been broken. When you use the right of returns, you are responsible for return shipping. Except for the shipping cost, the total purchase price for the product that you return is refunded. Please see below under Chapter Refunds for information on how to get a refund.


If you were to receive an item from us that you consider is incorrect, you can complain. Then you need to contact us, before you send the item back to us.

You have under consumer law up to three years warranty on goods purchased by Define ME Scandinavia AB. Remember to always report any errors as soon as you discover them. You have the right to return a purchased item if there is a manufacturing defect or other orginial defects.

Please let us know why you do not accept the product and indicate how you believe the product is incorrect in an email to Please give us your order number in this message in order for us to be able to handle your order.

We will then send you instructions on how to proceed with your claim.


You cannot change a product at Define Me Scandinavia AB. If you wish another item, you need to return the item in your original order, relying on the right of return and replacements and placing a completely new order. Read more about the right of returns & replacements above.

Open purchase

We do not allow open purchase on our products, however, you have the right to invoke the right of the returns for up to 14 days after you have received the goods. See above concerning the right of return & replacements.

This is how you return

Return according to the right of return & replacements must be made within 14 days from the date of delivery. Read more about the right of return & replacements above.

Returns caused by a complaint should be made as soon as we have sent you instructions on how to proceed with the complaint. Read more about complaints above.

If you invoke the right of return & replacements, you will be responsible for return shipping. If you complain about the goods, we can replace your return shipping if you send with a return postage receipt when you return the goods.

Here’s how you can return a item to us:

  1. Use the same bag that you received the item in.
  2. Paste a new patch over the mailing label and address the package to us at:
    Define Me Scandinavia AB
    Smedjegatan 9
    392 39 Kalmar, Sweden
  3. Place the product you want to return in the bag.
  4. Add a receipt for the return postage in the bag, if you are replacing the goods and want to be replaced for your postage.
  5. Make sure that the delivery note you received with the product is in the bag, otherwise we do not know that the product comes from you.
  6. Make sure that the bag is sealed properly so that you are sure that the bag stays tight during transport.
  7. Stamp and send the bag to us.

Note! Send the package in return as a foreign letter with the stamp required for a 1st class letter. We do not refund postage for recommended letters or other more expensive shipping methods.


Refunds will normally be made within 10 days but at the latest within 14 days after Define Me Scandinavia AB has received the notice of use of the right of returns, or has approved a complaint. However, you may have to wait until the product has come back to us, or until you have provided proof that the product has been returned to us.

Do not forget to let us know how you want us to transfer the money to you. Usually, the easiest way is to make the refund with the same payment method you paid for the item.